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Available at Hawaiian South Shore
Lost Boards Model Driver Now available and Black Sheep (Coming Soon...Mid August)
Takayama Scorpion Models Just arrived May 6th they will be up on the site at the end of today!!

Custom orders are accepted for Hydro Flex technology for Takayama boards and Lost surfboards. Contact us with any questions by Email or call us at 808-597-9055 Mon - Sat 10:30-7:00 Hawaiian Standard Time


Hydroflex Technology

Shaper Rouven "Bufo" Brauers


"We developed the first flexible stringerless surfboard in 1998. In 2003 we overcame delamination by anchoring the fiberglass in the foam core. We recycled the first surfboard in 2008. Over the years we came to realize that there is no perfect flex for every surfer and every condition. So we made it adjustable."

[Hydroflex Super Charger Board]

The Technology is based on 3 technical evolutions

A stringerless flexible board construction:

The stringerless design delivers optimal flex characteristics. The patented structure provides outstanding strength omitting the need for additional stabilizing elements.

3-Dimensional Glassing:

The conventional two-dimensional adhesion surface is replaced by a 3-dimensional bonding structure, thus multiplying the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core. The patented lamination process avoids delamination by anchoring the laminate into the foam core like tree roots in the ground.

A chargeable blank retains its shape
under load:

Flex characteristics are steplessly adjustable by changing internal pressure and can be fine tuned according to surfer and wave conditions.
The shape will absolutely retain its geometry and precision even under heaviest load.

1. Valve
2. Fiberglass
3. 3-dimensional glassing
4. SuperCharger EPS foam

Different Flex Levels

 0 - 3 psi 
Dampening: For very choppy conditions

3 - 4,5 psi
For average surf conditions /
tight turns

4,5 - 6 psi
For very glassy conditions /
longer turns

Exceeding rated pressure can damage or even destroy
your board! Only use OEM supplied pump. The use of a third party pump can damage or even destroy your board!

With time and the right pressure (Never go past 9 psi) you can have you board come back to about 70% of its original shape.



The original Hydroflex pump is equipped with a custom pressure gauge and is included with the board for no extra charge.


[Hydroflex PU Board]

The P/U surfboards have great flex characteristics really close to the Supercharger and they are glassed with epoxy, so they give you a more natural feel of the board compared to a board glassed with poly. These boards just have one non-adjustable flex. Surfboard shapers like Matt Biolos, OakFoils, Roberts Surfboards, Carl Ekstrom and Ryan Burch have got some P/U surfboards made by Hydroflex. More shapers will follow up. Boards will be available at all our current US accounts and can be custom made thru your favorite shapers.

- Great performance
- Great flex characteristics close to the Supercharger
- Hydroflex 3D glassing for stronger Surfboards compared to standard P/U
- Natural feeling through epoxy glassing
- Tested by surfers and surfboard shapers







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HaydenShapes Ando Hydroflex 5'10" HaydenShapes Ando Hydroflex Super Charger 5'10" HaydenShapes Hypto Krypto Hydroflex 5'10"
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HaydenShapes Hypto Krypto Hydroflex 5'4" HaydenShapes Hypto Krypto Hydroflex 5'8" HaydenShapes Hypto Krypto Hydroflex 6'0"
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Our price: $835.00
Our price: $835.00
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