Aloha Days is a 100% local brand that was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii. They have been operating for the past ten years. Creating both apparel, as well as world class wetsuits.

You actually may have heard of these wetsuits, as they have been our #1 best-selling suits for the past several years. These wetsuits, or Straw Hats are made in Japan and are created by using the world’s best rubber. Additionally, from the zipper to the sleeves, they’ve been engineered to provide both quality and comfort. Actually many elements of these suits are the same as the ones utilized for the Japanese military and for professional divers.

Like “Straw Hat” suggests, it was once a fashion staple to the surf scene. Years and years have passed since then, but the legacy of what it stands for still remains. Though, the wetsuits and clothes we wear have changed significantly (arguably, more sophisticated), the attitude and feel of the “Straw Hat” still remains, and it’s definitely present in the brand.

But, this is not just limited to their wetsuits!
Even for their shirts and other apparel, they only utilize the best materials in order to ensure that the garment you purchase is one of exquisite caliber. The shirts are all made in the USA and are printed right here in Hawaii!

Aloha Days akin to its name implies a certain level of comfort and compassion, truly encompassing the genuine concept of Aloha Spirit. They encapsulate this concept by displaying how much they care about delivering actual high grade items that will not only provide comfort and help you in your daily life, but will last you.

If you aren’t big into typical brand names and you’re looking for a local company to deliver, Aloha Days is there for you.


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