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Santa Cruz’s CJ Nelson is arguably one of the best noseriders of all time. He has starred in films such as Sprout, The Present, and A Paradigm Shift, and in particular his section at Scorpion Bay in Sprout may be some of the most technical traditional longboarding ever featured in film. He is one of the few noseriders to comfortably switch stance while on the nose, and to do so with impeccable style.

Below is a list of models that are currently available.  All boards are made by “Thunder Bolt Technology”  and have the “INTERNAL FLEX CONTROL” for an unbelievable flex pattern and strength like no other board on the market.

CJ CLASSIC is perfect for someone looking for a noseriding board  like no other. Click CJ CLASSIC link below to check out CJ Nelson surfing it and noseride it. He knows his equipment like no other and all boards we sell are the exact same rocker, flex and sizes he rides.

AUSSIE SLASHER is more maneuverable and modeled off the retro performance single fins with a modern blend to help with performance and noseriding. Click on AUSSIE SLASHER below for mode info.

SPROUT was originally designed by CJ Nelson to be ridden in the Film “The Sprout” that came out in 2005. It was known and revered by many to be the best noseriding surfboard of all time. Now updated with new technology what he called the “best noseriding board period!”.

Outer Island shipping:

Delivery from Hawaiian South Shore to Aloha Air Cargo is $40.

Aloha Air Cargo surfboard freight is $35 for boards under 10’.

Questions Email us sales@hawaiiansoutshore.com 


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  • CJ Nelson Colapintail 8 '9 Brushed Carbon Fiber
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    • $1490.00
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  • CJ Nelson  Classic Nose Rider 10'
    • $1300.00
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    CJ Nelson Sinner 9'2 Carbon
    • $1500.00
  • CJ Nelson Sinner 9'2
    • $1300.00
    Only 1 left in stock
  • CJ Nelson COLAPINTAIL 8'3
    • $1280.00
    Only 1 left in stock
  • CJ Nelson Sprout 10' Limited Fabric Edition
    • $1760.00
    Only 1 left in stock