Harley Ingleby is a name that might not be too familiar in the US, but for anyone from New South Wales in Australia—or anyone who rides a longboard—there is no mistaking who Harley is. One of longboardings greatest competitors over the past decade, Harley won the 2009 and 2014 world championships, the 2005 and 2007 Australian longboard titles, an individual bronze and team gold in the 2006 World Surfing Games, an individual silver and team gold in the 2008 World Surfing Games, and two other podium finishes at the World Surfing Games in 2009 and 2010. That is what you call competitive dominance.

Harley is equally comfortable on the nose, bashing a lip, or packing meaty barrels, and can be seen ripping his local beach breaks near Coffs Harbor in central NSW when he isn’t in a jersey or hoisting trophies at longboarding’s most prestigious events. The incredible versatility that Harley demonstrates means that he needs boards that can do just about anything—ride the barrel, perform progressive maneuvers, and be ridden in a traditional manner. Harley has been having his boards shaped by local designer Billy Tolhurst since he was 12, and recently the two teamed up with Carve Sports to create a line of boards that draw on Tolhurst’s years of experience, Ingleby’s informed feedback, and Carve’s proven high-performance technology. Blending traditional glide with modern design aspects and the lightweight strength of Thunderbolt/epoxy matrix technology, these boards represent the best in high-performance surfing, yet do so without sacrificing the flow that longboarders have been enjoying since the sport began.

For those looking to up their performance level on mid-lengths and full-length longboards, and to draw on the inspiration of one of the greatest competitors of the past decade, the Harley Ingleby/Billy Tolhurst boards developed through Carve Sports are the obvious choice.

THUNDERBOLT TECHNOLOGIES has been working on building a better surfboard for a while now, and it looks like they have finally done so. The boards have gone through rigorous testing from some heavy hitters, and all the team riders are saying it’s the best Hawaii pro board they have ridden. But the value of these boards is not just in their performance, but also their strength-to-weight and strength-to-performance ratios. When judged by these metrics, the boards literally have no peers. While they aren’t completely indestructible (that would only be possible if Thunderbolt sacrificed performance and built boards that rode like pop outs), they are certainly the strongest performance board out there that rides with the signature flex of polyurethane or epoxy boards built to rip.

Zack Meyers has been putting his board through the ringer all winter, and it has held up  beautifully. From sessions at Backdoor to outer reef missions, Zack’s board has seen all sorts of stressors, from lips to the deck to reef bonks and everything in between. When Zack’s board began to look a bit rough from reef ding repairs, he was ready to trade it in, but Carve wanted to see what the thing was capable of. Zack kept riding it hard for another month before it finally snapped—long after the normal expiration for a performance board, especially when being ridden in Hawaiian juice.

When building boards, Carve focuses on performance first and durability as a secondary bonus. The double sandwich construction and strong materials make for a flexy but durable combo that merges the best of both worlds. 

From the video above we transcribed Harley Ingleby breaking down the board. It starts from 1:49

(Start 1:49) - Billy Tolhurst and I have worked really closely for over 15 years. And, we’ve not only always tried to push ourselves about shapes and designs, but also with different blanks and laminations. We’ve been working for a couple of years behind the scenes with Thunderbolt Technologies. It’s just been amazing to work really closely with them and push that to a new level. I’ve worked with other sandwich constructions before, which have been okay, but to be able to work with Thunderbolt Technologies and I’ve really had to focus on how it actually feel under your feet and the response you’re getting back and all that sort of stuff, it’s just been next level.

(3:06) - It’s been really good not being stuck with the one exact lay up or exact flex pattern from board to board. Different boards, cruiser or whatever, they’re all developed for different kinds of waves. The others slightly tweak the layouts and stuff for a performance for their cruisers or small wave board. (3:28) Thunderbolt Technologies are PVC, double sandwich construction with varying amounts of carbon pressed in there as well. But, it’s their secret construction techniques that I really feel that separates them from all others. We’ve come to realize that there’s a need for a two-weighted flex pattern, so we’ve decided to call them THUNDERBOLT RED and THUNDERBOLT BLUE.

THUNDERBOLT RED being the most flex and the lightest. So, all-around performance and basically just trying to replicate my best ever contest board, but it’s going to be a whole lot stronger.

THUNDERBOLT BLUE is our stronger, stiffer construction. I was chasing another flex pattern and weight for bigger hollower waves . Basically, we just beefed up the fiberglass of it all, instead of just the carbon strip, it’s a complete carbon wrap all over. Plus varies  other strips in there to get the flex just how we want it.

(4.38)Billy Tolhurst and I, we’re really proud of our range. I think depending on your size and weight and where you live and the kinds of waves or your ability level, between the Thunderbolt Red and Thunderbolt Blue, I think in the series there’s a perfect board for you.


Shipping Outer Island

$40 to Aloha Air Cargo at Honolulu Airport

$35 Aloha Air Cargo Freight, you pay this when you pick up board.

MOE:  Mid-Length board for wide range of waves that paddle easy and surfs in a verity of conditions.

Sizes: 7’2” , 7’4” and 8’0”

DIAMOND DRIVE:  A alternative to the HiHp model. Diamond Drive is an all round performance longboard for small waves that Paddles, Trims and Noseriders a lot  easier then the sensitive and for expert riding HiHP. Recommend for Beginner to Intermediate riders.

Sizes: 9’1” , 9’2” , 9’4”

CRUISER PERFORMER - This board is user-friendly and fun for the average surfer, with a forgiving template and rails, but still able to be carved and  nose-ridden. It handles both small, weak conditions and juicy double-overhead bombs, making it a diverse and well-rounded surf craft. Recommend for all levels that wants a board for carving. The rounded belly bottom makes it super fun.

Sizes: 9’1, 93” and 9’5”

HIHP - Thi High performance longboard that made to surf like a shortboard with noseriding capabilities. It will handle any size and conditions you set the limit. It’s only for the intermediate that wants to advance and the expert that wants a board the world champ rides.

Size: 9’1 ONLY

NOTE: Hawaiian South Shore is the exclusive Hawaii dealer for the Harley Ingleby boards.

If you are looking for a model and size that we do’nt have in stock or if you’re not sure what will work for you, EMAIL US NOWTell us your HEIGHT, WEIGHT, DIMENSIONS OF YOUR BOARD, HOW OFTEN YOU SURF AND WHERE.

We will defiantly get you dialed into the right board and not just sell you a board.  We want you to come back stoked and tell us how much you liked the board, that's what we like to do and have been doing it for over 20 years. - David

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