HIHP Model

HIHP Model


It only comes in on one size 9’1” but in several different materials.

In 2009 Harley won his firs world title using the HIHP, then it was updated to this version and he won the 2014 ASP World Longboard title. It’s shaped by Billy Tolhurst for be a true high performance longboarding.

The rocker has a continual curve so you can surf it and turn it anywhere on the board. The bottom has a Spiral Vee with double concave, you’d normally see on high performance shortboards, for rail to rail surfing and power turns in any size surf.

A 4+1 set up for any fin configuration you want.

If you want a longboard that you can surf like your on a high performance shortboard this is the one to get!

Video transcript Harley Ingleby-  1:01 Yeah, the HiHp model. It's the model I rode when I won both my ASP World Longboard titles. My HiHp is my full performance longboard. It's rocker, it has a really continual curve. So hollow or good waves, it always fits no matter where you are on the waves. Coming off your good turns or whatever, the nose is always up out of the way. And now I've just found it just to be an amazing all round board for hollow waves and beach breaks.

Shipping Outer Island

$40 to Aloha Air Cargo at Honolulu Airport

$35 Aloha Air Cargo Freight, you pay this when you pick up board.

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