Libtech and Lost Surfboard’s collaboration series exclusive in Hawaii at Hawaiian South Shore. 

Each Libtech surfboard is  Handcrafted by surfers in the US near Canada, at the world's most environMENTAL board factory!

The Puddle Jumper you are checking out on this page is our #1 Selling model.

It’s a perfect small wave board that catches waves like a retro fish, but moves just like a high performance shortboard.

No wonder Matt Biolos the founder and shaper of Lost surfboards decided to make the Puddle Jumper the very first model with Libtech. As Matt said on the Libtech video, he wanted to make the joe bro board and not a joe pro board for the first board with Libtech. It’s just as popular in fiberglass also. which by the way we can get too.

The more you surf the puddle jumper off the tail the more it looses up and perfumes like a shortboard. But even if your heavy footed forward it won’t bog she’ll still perform.

It’ve very unforgiving in small knee hight to slightly over head waves.

FCSI five set up, the boxes look like futures but trust me it’s FCSI fins.


The Libtech boards are very durable but not indestructible,so you should still give it the love like you do with your normal boards.

The board surfs, floats and flexes like a regular fiberglass board. This was the whole idea the founder Mike Olsen had with the board. He wanted something that was first made in the USA, stronger than any other board on the market, environmentally friendly and most of all he wanted the board to surf like a regular PU board. You may not know who Mike Olsen is but he’s been around for many years and most of the top shapers in the world know him, so he has plenty of credibility in the shaping world.

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