Round Nose Fish Redux






It’s been nearly  20 years since LOST’s groundbreaking film 5'5" x 19'1/4", which showed all of us what could be done with a wide, short template and a bit of creativity.


When twin fins started showing up in the line up, it got Matt Biolos thinking that maybe it was time to update one of their most popular models since the 80's. Matter a fact Matt Biolos is the one that improved on he round nose fish of yesteryears, by giving it more performance characteristics into the Round Nose Fish. Combining design elements from the RNF Classic and the RNF Quad, and the RNF Redux was born, it’s  is a post-modern throwback for the modern shred-head.

The rocker, bottom contours, and forward outline arell based off the Classic but with a slightly pulled in nose, the tail is a hybrid of the Classic and the Quad, with an MR-influenced fluted wing leading into a narrowswallow tail for drive, bite and hold thru turns. It has a very low rocker and light concave under the front foot for super fast down-the-line speed. There is a radical change from concave in the center of the board to  Vee in the tail, providing maneuverability and looseness when the board is put on rail.

The RNF Redux features a classic twin-fin placement for the front fins, but is equipped with five boxes so that it can be ridden as a TWIN, THRUSTER, QUAD or 5 FINS.

Recommend  Fins

Twin fin: MR (FCSIi & Futures)

Twin with Drive: MR thruster (FCSII & Futures) or AMT  for more hold (Futures) these set up are really good for small days.

Quad: The Mayhem Split Keel (FCSII) SeaWorthy (Futures)
Mayhem fins (FCSII & Futures)

5 Fin: Your favorite quads with VEKTOR nubster fins 



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