Kanoa Dahlin, at the age of 21, a North Shore native, joined the professional world of surfing and traveled the globe for several years. From surfing small beach break waves in Japan, to huge surf at world-renowned spots, Kanoa did it all.

While traveling, he was not totally satisfied with the fins he had. So over the years, with the help of his professional surf friends, he developed a full line of surf fins. Starting with the high-performance K2D2 thruster fin, to the Missy Lucy, a nose-rider and everything in between, Kanoa designed fins to match any board that you have in your quiver.

If you get confused, or if you don’t want to read all the descriptions, email us and we’ll help. When you email us, tell us your height, weight, board size and fin setup (single, 2+1). Our email issales@HawaiianSouthShore.com, and yes, we check our email often, so we’re not going to leave you hanging.

Note: The fins are made in the USA by Fins Unlimited. The Aloha Fabrics are only available at Hawaiian South Shore. Each size and color ordered is limited, so once we’re out of an Aloha Fabric design, we can’t order more.

If we are out of a certain fin template and size, email us. We get get fins in every two months or so. 

Below are all the model descriptions. Starting from the K2D2 which is the performance thruster fin, to longer fins and to the last fin which is pivot noseriding fin. 

K2D2 is Kanoa's thruster fin in the line.

This fin is solid in all sizes, conditions and breaks!  Although this fin is designed to be ridden as a thruster, it can be used as a 2 plus 1. 

4.75” thruster/ board size: open/ surfer weight:160 and up
5.5”thruster or 2 plus 1/ board size: open/ surfer weight: open

Jr. Boy
The whole concept behind this fin was to create a fin that was going to loosen up your long board without giving up it’s driving and nose riding capabilities. Kanoa reduced the height and base of the original template and then added rake and a thinned out tip. This now compensates for the loss in area, giving the fin the ability to drive and nose ride and yet be looser than the original template.
7.0”- 2 plus 1 long board 9’6 shorter. Surfer weight: 165lbs or less
8.0”-2 plus 1 long board 9’4 and up. Surfer weight: 190lbs plus
Also great for all size fun boards.

This is the original Kanoa Fin.
All the Kanoa fins are developed on the same concepts used to design this fin.
Height: allows for great Nose Riding and Stability. Rake: allowing your tail to hook into the curl. Minimizing tail slip. Also assisting in carving maneuvers. Base: giving you DRIVE, Stability and Control. By either adding or reducing a bit of each feature, Kanoa has created fins to suite different kinds of surfers for any kind of surf break or condition.
"Remember to always chose a fin that is close in size to what you are comfortable with and by placing the fin in the proper place, you will maximize a fin's/ board's performance. Hope you enjoy my fins." Aloha Kanoa D.

6.5"   - 2 plus 1 long board 9’6 or shorter. Surfer weight: 170lbs or more
7.25” - 2 plus 1 long board 9’6 or shorter. Surfer weight: 170lbs or more
8.0”   –2 plus 1 long board 10’0 and up. Surfer weight: 210lbs plus
8.0”    - also great for all size fun boards/mini tank
9.0”   - single fin long board 9’4 and up. Surfer weight: open
10”    - single fin long board 10’0 and up. Surfer weight:open
The problem Kanoa had with cut away fins, were that they never drive and they would always side slip. To ensure the Offspring wouldn’t do that, he created a cut away fin that had added base and a considerable amount of rake. You now get the quick looseness of a cut away, the drive for your maneuvers and the stability to nose ride.
7.25”- 2 plus 1 long board 9’6 or less/ mini tank. Surfer weight:165 lbs or less
8.25”-2 plus 1 long board 9’4 and up. Surfer weight:175lbs
9.5”- single fin long board 9’2 and up. Surfer weight: open
Miss Lucy
This is my personal favorite! It’s a cross between a pivot nose riding fin and a conventional carving fin. Large single fins are usually designed to do either or. This fin does it both. It’s a pivot fin with curves or rake. Allowing you to carve. It’s got just the right amount of base so it will drive and not track. And it has a blunt tip so it will allow your board to break freely from one rail to the other without tracking. And as far as nose riding, this fin will set your board in the curl and be so stable you can hang through sections! Enjoy!
9.0” single fin long board 9’0-9’8. Surfer weight: open
10.0” single fin long board 9’9 and up. Surfer weight: open
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