“The main goal, from day one, was to make the most responsive, lightweight, durable, high-performance longboard on the market.” – Ben Skinner

Skindog Surfboards was established in 2008 by Ben “Skindog” Skinner and Jason Gray after working together and with other master board builders for years.

 For the first decade, Ben and Jason worked hard developing their brand in Europe, focused on creating the best longboards possible. After opening their own factory in 2015 to maximize quality and productivity, and further establishing Skindog as the leading longboard brand in the UK, they decided to share their high-performance ethos with the world. Collaborating with visionary innovator Yu Sumitomo, Skindog Surfboards combined Ben’s proven designs with Yu-san’s space-age Thunderbolt constructions to develop the most high-tech, high-performance longboards in existence.

Skindog Surfboards are crafted using proprietary technology that combines specifically engineered design elements with futuristic materials, producing longboards that lead the industry in performance, flex characteristics, strength, durability, and lightweight construction.