...LOST GLYDRA New Surfboard 2022 - A glider-style, mid-length version of the Hydra

…Lost’s Hydra is a wildly popular hybrid fish design surfboard, but if the recent trend toward longer surfboards tells us anything, it’s that the average surfer loves a mid-length. Thus, Matt Biolos figured he’d give us the best of both worlds by making a glider-style, mid-length version of the Hydra.

More than simply a stretched-out version of the smaller fish design, the Glydra integrates a number of important changes that make it a legitimate design in and of itself.

The snowboard-inspired, side-cut “Pelagic” rails are maintained, as is the double concave inside single concave hull, but the overall rocker was increased to accommodate the surfboard’s increased length, which allows the surfboard to fit in the smaller curves of tiny waves.

Glydra Surfboards

The diamond tail effectively shortens the surfboard’s rail, providing maneuverability despite the length and volume of the mid-length. Volume was added to the center line, but the deck is rolled to maintain sensitivity in the rails, allowing the Glydra to turn as well as it trips. The surfboard also features a five-box fin setup, allowing it to be ridden as a thruster, quad, twin, 2+1, and even quad + nubster.

While mid-lengths have become practically ubiquitous in global quivers over the past few years, most are retro-inspired and sort of clunky. The Glydra, on the other hand, is essentially a high-performance hybrid fish, but with the length and volume of a mid-length. In other words, it’s the best of both worlds.


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