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Dakine is a successful international brand that makes equipment for all sorts of sports, such as snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, skiing, and windsurfing. But the company started in Hawaii 40 years ago, with its first product being surfboard leashes—and four decades later it still makes some of the best leashes and surf products on the market.

Dakine recently announced its new team leash called the Kaimana. While this leash won’t be available on the mainland for another couple of months, Hawaii is getting it early!

The Kaimana has a lot of cool new features. It has three patents, including the rail saver, the ankle strap, and the new Duracord, which causes cavitation so that you don’t feel the leash dragging through the water. Although this hasn’t yet been scientifically confirmed, a lab in Italy is currently doing testing to do so. Meanwhile, team riders all report that they can barely feel the leash behind their boards while they are riding waves!


Dura-Cord With Speed Pockets


Other exciting developments include only one screw instead of the normal two, which reduces the chance of breakage. The rail saver is also much narrower than normal, which reduces drag. While this might seem like a weak point, since there is less Velcro holding the leash together, the addition of a sleeve that goes over the rail saver ensures that it will never come undone.


Thin Line Railsaver System


The leash comes with a no-tie leash string that has been factory-sewn, which will help to prevent user error from tying too loose of a knot or too long of a string. The cuff is also pre-curved for fit, making this not only one of the most effective leashes on the market, but also one of the most comfortable to wear.


Ankle Cuff Closure


Finally, even the packaging the leash comes in has been updated. Most leashes come in narrow packages that help save space on the display case, but these narrow packages often kink leashes, which can be a real annoyance. The new Dakine package is wider so that the leashes come out of the package non-kinked and ready to go!

We are excited to be getting these new leashes in, and can’t wait to test them out this winter!

Check out Dakine Leash

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