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Glide and Flow Down the Line on the Seaside Surfboard

The Firewire Seaside in Helium2 and Volcanic Technology 


Rob Machado is one of the most stylish surfers of the past 30 years and has the competitive pedigree and high-performance chops to back that up. He was also one of the first mainstream pros to start experimenting with alternative shapes and has long been a proponent of the fish design. His Seaside takes the classic fish shape and adds modern refinements like updated rails and a quad fin setup. The result is pure, unbridled speed and a heck of a lot of fun, whether you are groveling a sub-par day at your local beach break or streaking down the line at J-Bay. 



Model: Seaside. A modern spin on the classic fish design, informed and refined by Rob Machado’s timeless approach.

Ability: Beginner to advanced surfers looking for ultimate fun and freedom in sub-par waves and down-the-line points.

Type of waves: Waist-high slop to overhead, down-the-line waves.

Construction: Firewire’s new Volcanic construction utilizes space-industry basalt fiber for a lighter, stronger, more eco-friendly build and in Helium 2 Technology

Size range: (5'02" - 6'01")

5'2" X 20" X 2 5/16" 26.5 L
5'3" X 20 5/16" X 2 3/8" 28.2 L
5'4" X 20 5/8" X 2 7/16" 29.8 L
5'5" X 20 15/16" X 2 1/2" 31.5 L
5'6" X 21 1/4" X 2 1/2" 32.7 L
5'7" X 21 5/8" X 2 1/2" 33.6 L
5'8" X 21 15/16" X 2 9/16" 35.4 L
5'9" X 22 1/4" X 2 5/8" 37.3 L
5'10" X 22 5/8" X 2 11/16" 39.4 L
5'11" X 22 3/4" X 2 3/4" 41.1 L
6" X 22 7/8" X 2 15/16" 44.8 L
6'1" X 22 15/16" X 3" 46.5 L


The Firewire Seaside, evolved from Rob Machado's iconic Go Fish design, represents the intersection of classic surf shapes and technological innovation. Firewire utilizes advanced materials and engineering to optimize board performance while minimizing environmental impact. Two standout constructions offered for the Machado Seaside are Helium and Volcanic laminations. Let's dive into what makes these high-tech builds unique.

Floating on Air: Firewire's Helium Construction

Firewire's proprietary Helium construction uses a proprietary lightweight foam core sandwiched between fiberglass sheets. This controlled press lamination creates a hollow wood grain pattern. Strategically places wood reinforcing strips increase rigidity and impact resistance.

Firewire Seaside in Helium Construction

By moving the stringer out to the rails, Firewire achieves an incredibly light yet durable blank. Without a central stringer, torsional flex increases while directing more energy towards the rails. This results in a more lively, responsive ride with tighter turns and more drive off the bottom.

The resilient foam core acts as a shock absorber, increasing flex while reducing pressure dings. The Helium build's volume distribution mirrors the natural shape of surfboard blanks before introduction of the central stringer. Removing excess foam decreases weight without compromising strength.

Many testers comment on the Helium Seaside's smooth, fast glide with ample float. The lightweight foam core combined with lightweight cloth reduces swing weight, making aerial maneuvers easier. Despite its lightness, the Helium construction remains ding-resistant thanks to the strategic wood reinforcements.

Harness the Power of Volcanoes: Volcanic Lamination

Firewire Volcanic Technology


Volcanic lamination utilizes basalt fiber, produced from volcanic rock through an eco-friendly process. The manufacturing of basalt cloth requires melting crushed basalt at about 1500°C and extruding it into thin filaments. These filaments are woven into fibers for lamination.

The resulting basalt cloth offers strength properties comparable to carbon fiber at a fraction of the environmental impact. When combined with bio-epoxy resins, basalt cloth forms a high performance lamination with smaller footprint than traditional fiberglass.

Firewire Seaside in Volcanic Technology

For the Volcanic Seaside, Firewire augments its basalt/bio-epoxy laminate with an Innegra cloth wrap along the rails. Made from Innegra fiber, the wrap adds impact resistance. Strategic bamboo stringers increase rigidity while keeping weight minimal.

Testers report the Volcanic Seaside feels extremely lively and light underfoot. The basalt fiber cloth contributes to a snappy, responsive feel while the Innegra wrap withstands rail impacts. The Volcanic construction mirrors the high-tech performance of Helium while substituting more sustainable materials.

Two Constructions, One Goal: Optimized Performance

While their material compositions differ, the Helium and Volcanic builds share a common aim - enable the Seaside shape to perform at its highest level. Both constructions produce a board that paddles fast, accelerates quickly, and turns on a dime.

The Helium foam core focused stiffness low in the blank while the Volcanic cloth stiffens uniformly. Testing shows the Volcanic Seaside feels a bit looser and skatey, while the Helium has more directed drive. But the performance nuances are slight, with both offering a magic ride.

Environmentally-conscious surfers may lean towards the Volcanic for its use of recycled and renewable materials. Weight-conscious surfers may favor the Helium's ultra-light build. But regardless of construction, Rob Machado's Seaside design shines through.

Firewire continues pushing performance boundaries through science while respecting the art of surfboard craftsmanship. Helium and Volcanic constructions optimize the Seaside's blend of retro roots and new-age technology. Both enable Machado's vision of a high performance, loose, lively ride. Beyond revolutionary materials, it's still about achieving the perfect glide.

 Firewire Performance and Dimension
Firewire Seaside Performance and Dimension