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Harley Ingleby MOE Surfboard Review

MOE Surfboard Review

Brad picked up the 7'2" Moe surfboard and he's been raving about it! You know Brad, he's got a 7'4" board that he's been using, and he loved it, but he wanted to try something shorter this time, something more maneuverable for those smaller days. So, he went for the Moe, and it seems like it was a great decision!

Now, Brad is no stranger to different surfboard types - he's got his trusty Sci-Fi 2.0 (6'2") and those sweet potatoes (5'8") for specific conditions. But this time, he needed something smaller, something that's easy to move around, you know how it is. 

When it comes to fins, Brad loves to experiment. At first, he tried out some quads, but they were a bit too stiff and fast for his taste. So, he switched it up and went with the extra-large performer thrusters, specifically the Harley Angle Bees. And let me tell you, these fins have been treating him well! Brad's all about that control and responsiveness, and these thrusters delivered just that.

He also gave the "even two plus one" setup with power twins a shot, but you know what? He found himself going back to those trusty thrusters. They simply match his style better and give him that perfect performance he's looking for.

Now, let's talk about how the Moe performs in the water. Brad's been riding it on both small and overhead days at Waikiki and South Works, and guess what? It handled like a champ in all conditions! It's impressive how well this board turns and maneuvers.

And get this, Brad's friend saw him riding the Moe, and he was so impressed that he got one for himself too! Both of them, shortboarders at heart, have been tearing it up on their 7'2" Moe's, enjoying every wave that comes their way.

It's been a fantastic addition to his quiver, and he's loving every minute of riding it! If you're in the market for a versatile and easy-to-handle board, Brad highly recommends giving the Moe a try.

Thanks for tuning in to hear about Brad's awesome surfboard journey. If you have any questions or thoughts, drop them in the comments below. And don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more epic surf-related content. Catch you in the next video, ready to shred! 


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