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Harley Ingleby MOE Surfboard Review by Brandon

Harley Ingleby MOE Surfboard Review

Brandon expresses his satisfaction with the Moe 7'2, mentioning that it has been a great board for him. He describes the ride as smooth and enjoyable. When asked about his preferred surfing spots, Brandon mentions surfing at Sand Island and White Plains.

Regarding the fin setup, Brandon uses the three-fin configuration and finds it to be really good for his needs. He appreciates the board's lightweight nature compared to his previous 9'6" board. The convenience of being able to easily carry and transport the Moe 7'2 is a significant advantage for him. He mentions that downsizing to this board has been a positive experience.

One notable aspect that Brandon enjoys about the Moe 7'2 is its floatation on the water. He describes the feeling of standing up on the board as reminiscent of a longboard but without the extra weight and length. This feature adds to the fun and enjoyment he experiences while surfing with it.

Overall, Brandon is super stoked about his Moe 7'2 surfboard and expresses his gratitude for the positive experience. We thank Brandon for sharing his review and hope you found it helpful. Don't forget to hit that like button, leave a comment, and subscribe for more exciting content!

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