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Harley Ingleby MOE Surfboard Review by Jelly

MOE Surfboard Review

Jelly resides in the breathtaking Ewa Beach, where they have been fully immersed in the world of surfing. About four to five months ago, Joey decided to upgrade his surfboard to the Moe, which has brought a new level of excitement and performance to their sessions.

Despite a few close calls, such as the time Jelly's foot met the full force of a wave, the board has remained intact, proving its durability and resilience. Throughout his surfing journey, Jelly has explored different surf spots, including White Plains and Point-of-Point. While they've also ventured to Leftovers a few times, Joey admits it might have been a challenge they weren't entirely prepared for. Nonetheless, their board has withstood the tests and remains in excellent condition, ready for new adventures.

When it comes to equipment, Joey has been riding his Moe board with the Kelly Slater FCS fins in a quad setup. These fins have been a game-changer, significantly enhancing their speed and stability on the board. Riding with these fins allows Joey to tackle more challenging drops with confidence and enjoy an exhilarating surfing experience.

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