Over the past few years, Rob Machado has made waves with his fish designs that he has released through Firewire. The speed and flow of a twin-fin really match his stylish surfing and has inspired thousands of surfers around the world to stop trying so hard and just enjoy the ride.

But lately, Rob has been feeling the thruster again and decided he wanted to ride something a little less alternative. The Glazer is a short, stubby, user-friendly thruster that has helped Rob fall back in love with a middle fin. It has lots of volumes, which makes it easy to paddle and pick up speed down the line. The 5’2” version has 27.5 liters of volume, which is three liters more than Rob’s normal shortboard, at 24.5 liters. The board is nicely foiled, with thin nose and tail, but some been in the rails for float and speed. The majority of the rocker is in the last six inches of the nose, which gives you a lot of flat space under the chest, providing even more paddle and down-the-line speed. If you are looking for something to put the fun back into your surfing, but don’t want to ride a retro shape, the Glazer is Rob Machado’s answer.




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