Rob Machado’s and Dan Mann’s New Shaped Surfboard - Mashup

Rob Machado’s Seaside and Dan Mann’s Spitfire are two of the most popular designs in the Firewire quiver, so it was only a matter of time before the Rob Machado and Dan Mann teamed up for a MASHUP —which is exactly what they decided to call the board that was created by blending the best of their two designs.

Rob Machado’s and Dan Mann’s New Shaped Surfboard - Mashup

The Mashup from Rob Machado and Dan Mann is a lesson in paradox. A high-volume groveler, the board features tapered, step-down rails that add more control in solid waves, making this board an all-rounder in every sense of the word.

Vee through the tail gives way to classic single concave in the middle, but with a twist—the single concave is broken into a double barrel with a second inset “vee” along the stringer. Although this isn’t technically a real vee since it is technically level with the rails, it still has the effect of allowing the board to roll from rail to rail easily, despite the fact that the single concave encompassing it provides snap and drive—again, making this the ultimate in hybrid all-rounder design.

A touch of concave creates addition flip in the tail for added control, while the Helium construction results in a super strong, lightweight, responsive board that accelerates down the line and through turns. Coming standard with five fin boxes, the Mashup can be surfed as a twin, quad, thruster, 2+1, or even quad+nubster, making it incredibly versatile. Available between 5'2" and 6'6", this board is meant to be surfed a few inches shorter than your normal surfboard and is one of the most popular designs in the current Firewire lineup.

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