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The Next Generation of Shred with …Lost’s Puddle Jumper Pro

 …Lost’s Puddle Jumper Pro

 …Lost’s Puddle Jumper Pro Surfboard

The Puddle Jumper has been a staple of the …Lost quiver for years, while the Puddle Jumper HP adds a little more performance to the classic groveler.

Now, the Puddle Jumper Pro goes a step further, lengthening the template of the Puddle Jumper HP, drawing in the nose and tail, and essentially turning the groveler into a user-friendly, football-shaped performance shortboard.

 …Lost’s Puddle Jumper Pro Surfboard

Inspired by former World Tour surfer and current …Lost rep Nate Yeomans, the Puddle Jumper Pro maintains the original design’s skatey, fast, down-the-line speed, but packages it in a more traditional shortboard outline that lends itself to high-performance surfing.

 …Lost’s Puddle Jumper Pro Surfboard

Solid in the pocket and when laid on rail, the Puddle Jumper Pro thrives in anything from waist-high to overhead waves and helps bridge the gap between “fun” grovelers and modern shortboards.

Nate Yeomans on Puddle Jumper Pro Surfboard


If you are looking to up your turn game but don’t want to lose the drive of a small-wave design, or if you are looking for a way to continue ripping into middle age, the Puddle Jumper Pro is the answer.


Available in Lightspeed technology with five fin boxes, the board is most commonly ridden as a quad for added speed and that classic skatey feel.