Designed by the legendary board shaper Donald Takayama. The Halo Fins are designed so you can turn the board from the center and give you more speed. It's been our #1 Selling for over 15 years now. The fins you see here are fabric from Hawaii and the guys at Hawaiian Pro Design get the fabric laid into the fin for us.

They are made in California by hand. Since it's a fabric each fin looks slightly different then what you see. They are all one of a kind and limited.

The CENTER FIN is upright which makes the board pivot and turn tighter in a small radius. This will make your board feel shorter plus you don’t need to stand on the tail, you’ll be able to maneuver from the center like your standing on the tail. The tip has a larger surface area which will generate lots of speed without a lot of effort. 90% of the people that have a Halo fin end up using it for all their boards.


When you surf with these fins you notice you can stand almost center of your board, to turn it and pump it as though you’re standing on the tail.


For more information about the fins check out the reviews and video below :

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