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Blog-Understanding FCS’s Fin Families-Surfing News Hawaii-Hawaiian South Shore
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Understanding FCS’s Fin Families

FCS has been a leader in the removable fin industry for decades, and each year they find new ways to evolve their lineup of products. Here at Hawaiian South Shore we have a large stock of FCS fins, including the four different FCS families: Performer, Carver, Reactor, and Accelerator. Each of these families of fins is designed for different styles of surfing, different types of waves, and different types of boards.

The Performer Family is a series of great, all-around fins that have an inside foil for a bit more squirt through turns and pumps. Meanwhile, The Carver Family of fins is built for powerful, down-the-line waves such as you’d find on the North Shore. The Reactor Family is more of an upright model, for more pivot on an up-and-down type of wave, while The Accelerator Family is similar to the Performer family in that it is a good all-around series of fins, but with a bit more speed and flat inside foil for a more consistent ride.


The four families each feature custom fins from different shapers and athletes who appreciate the specific styles of surfing. The Performer family, for example, features Jon Pyzel’s thruster setup, as well as a tri-fin set from Rusty. Meanwhile, the Carver family features the classic Al Merrick fin design, as well as custom sets from Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson. The Reactor family, meanwhile, has a couple of Matt Biolos (from …Lost) shapes, as well as a Sally Fitzgibbons model, while the Accelerator family has fins from Kolohe Andino and Felipe Toledo.

FCS also features a number of fin sets for quad and twin-fin setups. The Rob Machado quad set is super popular at the moment, while the Mark Richards twin fin set is a great option for fish and other twinnies. There is also a set of retro keels for those looking to add some soul to their slide.

Regardless of the type of surfing you do or the sort of board you ride, FCS has you covered with a wide variety of fin templates and designs!