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Why Kai Sallas Decided to Work With Thunderbolt Tech

Kai Sallas at Hawaiian South Shore

When Kai Sallas decided to start his own production line of longboards, he knew he wanted them to be as advanced as possible. As a respected high-performance longboarder with an ISA world title to his name and numerous top-three finishes on the WSL Longboard World Tour, Kai knows a thing or two about progressive surfing and progressive surfboards, and when he borrowed one of Harley Ingleby’s Thunderbolt boards, he immediately fell in love with the construction.

Kai’s surfing is heavy-footed and aggressive. He weighs around 200 pounds and surfs with raw power, so he needed boards that could hold up underneath of him. He also loves charging bigger waves just as much as ripping small waves, so strength and lightweight construction were both important to him. Of course, you usually have to sacrifice strength if you want to go light or sacrifice weight if you want to go strong, and most people end up compromising between the two. But with Thunderbolt Tech, Kai found that he could have the best of both worlds, along with proprietary flex that gives longboards added life and drive.

Ever since he started working with Yu San and getting his boards made in Thunderbolt Tech, Kai has seen his surfing progress even further. Not only do the boards go great and maintain their strength, but they also seem to absorb chatter from the wave face on windy days, making it even easier to shred, especially when other people are struggling due to the chop.

In short, Kai wanted his boards to be the best and knew that this would only be possible with the best construction technology. That just happens to be Yu San’s Thunderbolt tech, which is why Kai and his progressive surfing are a natural fit. Decided to go with Thunderbolt because of light and responsiveness. Tried Harley Ingleby’s boards and loved them.



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