The First Family of Modern Longboarding

*All Photo Credit to Taylor Jensen @taylorjensentj


Taylor Jensen is a staple of competitive longboard surfing. He has won three world titles—back-to-back wins in 2011 and 2012, and his third in 2017. He’s also had a wide variety of other competitive success, including two wins at the US Open of Longboarding. Most longboarders have heard of Taylor, but not as many know his wife, Nava. But as it turns out, they should! Taylor and his family stopped by the shop during a recent visit to Hawaii, and while we were chatting he let slip a fun fact about his wife—who is just as much a ripper as he is!

Nava is actually the daughter of surfing legend and two-time world

Nava Young Longboarder

champion Nat Young, which means she’s also the sister of modern style masters and competitive beasts Bryce and Beau Young (Beau is also a former two-time world champion of longboarding). It should come as no surprise, then, that Nava is also an accomplished surfer and competitor. She has done well on the world tour and won a handful of Australian titles, but more recently put the jersey away to mother a couple of kids with Taylor.

The Youngs are already a multi-generation dynasty of world-class surfers, and with Nava and Taylor raising their kids to surf too (their six-year-old just started getting on a board, and their 18-month-old is anxious to join her sister), there’s little doubt that another generation of world champions is already being groomed. You can’t beat good genes—or parents, grandparents, and uncles who plan all of the family trips around swells!




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  • Graeme On

    As an Australian surfer it’s hard to imagine that Nat Young has slipped over the horizon and his fame has to be explained .It’s kinda like drawing an analogy with Duke Kanamahuku yes he has that much revered fame Down Under but some of us will always be grateful for his time spent showing us why he was crowned World Champion.. Cowabunga !

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