MIke OlsenStarted by Mike Olsen in 1977, Lib Tech  a US-based snowboard company known for unmatched techniques in ultra-durable, environmentally-friendly board production.During the 80’s and 90’s, Olsen’s passion led him to experiment with these techniques and apply them to surfboard materials, composites and designs. By the turn of the century, with the help of Pete Saari, he had invented an entirely new method which eliminated the need for harmful sandpaper, solvents and brushes and produced results on par with the time-tested standards of Lib Tech’s snowboards.
Lib-Tech Factory in the USA Lib-Tech Factory in the USA
Although Olsen has kept his techniques under tight wraps, it’s no secret how his efforts have helped reduce surfboard manufacturing’s impact on the environment – and the builders.Excess material, which would otherwise wind up at the dump, is so clean that it either gets reused as mulch for the surrounding forest or recycled into future blanks. The foam cores are made of 40-50% recycled material, don’t deplete the ozone and are 100% waterproof. The epoxy is eco-friendly and so hard it can be squeezed on the rails or grinded over rocks without being damaged.The greatest achievement about these boards is that they work just as good as – if not better than – regular polyurethane boards. They don’t have that funky corky feeling so there’s no need to dig the rail in and they perform even in windy conditions.Mike Olson & The Lib Tech Waterboard Story
The current Lib Tech surfboard selection includes several different models ranging from advanced high performance to everyday fun boards. In June 2016 Libtech came out with Lost models after months of discussions with Matt Biolos the Lost shaper. Check out the line up below.
#1 Seller are the Lib Tech X Lost ModelLib Tech X Lost Puddle Jumper - The ultimate all-around small-wave board with down the line speed and top to bottom hold.Lib Tech X Lost Short Round - Perfect Hybrid model that bridges the gab between the high performance shortboard and easy riding cheater surfboard.Lib Tech X Lost Sub Buggy - The high performance shortboard for fast and foiled forgiving surfboard. Made for small to medium surf designed around the feedback of Kolohe Andino.

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