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Save a Life and Score Barrels With the Best Surf Raffle Ever

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Too often our obsession with surf can cause us to become myopic, and dare I saw a little selfish. We paddle out and want to make sure we get our waves, even if its at the expense of others in the lineup. And our fixation on waves can lead to deprioritizing relationships, responsibilities, and all sorts of other things that can end up suffering at the hands of our surf addiction. Fortunately, surfing also has a lot of good to offer, which is why we keep coming back to it day after day, year after year. And every once in...

Surfboard Tail Designs – What’s the difference between them?


A note from HSS owner, David Kelly... In our Oct 2017 newsletter, Spencer Chang said that the MR Super Twin is by far the best board he's ridden—and that says a lot, because he's purchased a number of boards from us over the years. He said he liked the way the swallow tail felt. That reminded me of the Hayden Untitled I once rode. It was a friend's board, and I remember it actually had way too much float for me. The first wave I took off on was overhead, and I thought I was going to get pitched. But...

Surfing in Iceland: Staying Warm When the Water’s Cold


  I’m on a surf trip in Iceland at the moment—that’s 66 degrees north, just a hair shy of the arctic circle. In other words, it’s cold. At the moment, the water is around 48 degrees, the air is a bit less, and the wind is ripping at a solid 40 knots. But it’s ripping offshore, which means that I’m doing multiple sessions per day. After all, the wind could turn tomorrow and it could be onshore for weeks—gotta get it while it’s good! Having grown up in Hawaii and spent 15 years on an island in the south Pacific,...

How to Survive Wipeouts & Hold Downs


  If you watch Game of Thrones—or your calendar—then you know that winter is coming. And if you are from Hawaii, then you know that winter means big waves on the North Shore. The days of knee-high dribblers are almost behind us. In a few short weeks, we will be in the midst of the north Pacific winter season, with the most notorious stretch of heavy-water coastline right in our backyard. In other words, it’s time to start thinking about wipeouts and hold-downs, and how to survive them. How you survive during a bad hold-down has a lot to do...

Tired of Underperformance, Surfing Legend Throws Away Fins to Develop His Own


Globetrotting surf legend Kanoa Dahlin had only one problem – his fins weren’t giving him the drive he knew that he was capable of. A North Shore native, Kanoa entered the pro surfing arena at just 21 years old. Although he has shredded the waters of over half the earth, he could not find a fin that fit both the riding condition and his style. So with the help of a few of his pro surfer friends, he took over the fin design scene himself. “I’ve been really lucky to have all my peers surf my fins because it helped...

Swells 102: Ground Swell Versus Windswell


As we learned in Swells 101, waves are created by the action of wind across the surface of water. Once created, these waves travel through the water until they eventually decay and dissipate. But while they travel through the water, something interesting happens. Because raw, recently created waves are chaotic and disorganized, they tend to move at different speeds and in slightly different directions. Over long distances and long periods of time, the faster-moving waves catch up with the slower-moving waves, and these waves join together. After many hundreds and even thousands of miles of travel, these waves tend to...

VISSLA, DaFin, Hawaiian South Shore & Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii


Dear bodysurfers, friends, family and Point Panic enthusiasts! With assistance from VISSLA, DaFin, Hawaiian South Shore & Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, we are proud to announce the annual POINT PANIC CLEAN UP will take place on Saturday, May 20th from 8:30am till 11:30am. See flyer for details.  Please Share via email, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. This annual effort has proven to be the MOST significant community contribution to this location known for being the best bodysurfing wave in the world!  We will continue this effort to remove discarded plastics, styrofoam, cigarette butts, bottle caps, and other type of litter from this...

What is the Lost Carbon Wrap?


…LOST Carbon Wrap Technology …LOST surfboards have long been at the forefront of progress, but now they have taken an even bigger step into the future. The carbon wrap technology available on most boards is a patented surfboard technology that improves flex and performance, making boards snappier and more responsive. The idea originated with Gold Coast designer Dan MacDonald, and leads to lightweight boards that don’t sacrifice strength. It eliminates the need for a wooden stringer, and leads to advanced flex characteristics that make the board feel more alive. The carbon wraps from the bottom, along the rails onto the...

How to Hayden Shapes


We recently ran into a blog post by Hayden Shapes and we thought you'd like to check it out which we posted below. We carry the SolarRez for EPS and Poly. It's really easy to work with. One very cool thing with the SolarRez is if you place it out in the sun for half the cure time and bring it back into an area without any UV light it will stop curing and it becomes like a rubber material. What's useful about this is you can use a razor blade to shape it, then stick it back out in...

Donald Brink Surfboard


WHO IS BRINK SURFBOARDS Donald Brink, 34, was born and raised in South Africa. He started surfing at the age of 15 after his family relocated to the coast, and quickly developed a fascination for surfboard design and dynamics. After a few years of observing in the shaping room, Donald gained the confidence in 2005 to wield a planer for the first time. Today he continues to hone his craft, while taking the art of shaping down some unconventional paths. Donald looks at each board as an extension of the rider’s feet, building each custom board according the surfer’s stance....

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