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Hawaiian South Shore August Newsletter

Posted by Kayla Przybilla on

TREAT YOUR FEET TO AN AT HOME MASSAGE David Kelly | Owner, Hawaiian South Shore We’ve been lucky this summer to have a few swells. Boy last year the surf was pretty bad. After surfing for several days in a row, my feet started to bother me. I think my feet really ache me most times because I’m flat footed. Also, often times when I work for several days on my feet, I do feel it. When I get that feeling of needing a massage, and I don’t have the time to go, I use my foot roller massage. Actually,...

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Hawaiian South Shore's December Newsletter

Posted by Alice Han on

HOLIDAYS WERE LONESOME David Kelly | Owner, Hawaiian South Shore The support when you are underway on a ship between shipmates was something that kept your sanity, especially during the holidays. I was in the Navy prior to coming to Hawaii. Our home Port was in Yokosuka, Japan. During my time aboard (4 years), we were mostly out to sea. The longest we were in our home port was 3 months. The guys that were married with kids, had it tough. We’d spend a few weeks off Russia, then zoom down to another place for some operation with the fleet....

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