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United Just Made It a Lot Easier to Chase Swells to California

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This summer and fall seem like they’ve had more tropical storms than ever before—not a week goes by that there isn’t a hurricane bearing down on Hawaii or spinning off the coast of Mexico, or a typhoon running over Guam or the Philippines. All of that tropical storm activity means a lot of interesting swells from unique angles, and this week’s Walaka swell was no exception. The last remnants of the Walaka swell are slowing fading away, but there is already another hurricane churning in the east Pacific, and this one looks like a doozy. Hurricane Sergio is currently sending...

An Email from Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboard...Mark Richards Surfboards


Hey check out this email I just received from Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards…let me know if your interested, if you are just email me. - David Hey Everyone…spread the word…. We can do them with any Classic MR air spray, or also with The Son Of Cobra resin art…or clear, light and  and white. Glass on twins…FCS2 or Futures, up to you. MARK RICHARDS U.S SHAPING TRIP | ORDER NOW! Feeling that Twin Fin resurgence bubbling up, but not confident enough of proven performance to pull the trigger? Why take a chance, here’s your opportunity to get a...

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