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November's Member of the Month


Hawaiian South Shore's Member of the Month - Mark When and what got you into surfing?  I grew up in Brooklyn, New York so surfing was really limited. My father took my brother and I to Nassau in the Bahamas when I was about 12. They were renting surfboards on the beach, so my dad rented me one and I paddled out, no lessons, no tips, pure kook in the water. It was the late 60's so the board was fairly cumbersome, but there was a young, tan, blonde haired college girl who took pity on me and spent some...

Surf Boutique March Member Newsletter


Below is the March Newsletter, it's a member newsletter. All member receive a printed form to collect and share with friends. We used a local printing company and recycled paper. Super Big Mahalo for having interest in the March Newsletter, we've been updating our members via a newsletter for the past 18 years.  - David  

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