Santa Cruz’s CJ Nelson is arguably one of the best noseriders of all time. He has starred in films such as Sprout, The Present, and A Paradigm Shift, and in particular his section at Scorpion Bay in Sprout may be some of the most technical traditional longboarding ever featured in film. He is one of the few noseriders to comfortably switch stance while on the nose, and to do so with impeccable style.

Although notorious for being a bit of a partier throughout his career, CJ is now vocally sober, and strives to set a good example for the young people coming up in his wake. He also aims to equip the young generation with the tools to carry on the his legacy of traditional longboarding, and has developed a number of signature noserider models, and his latest models with CarvSports are a stellar addition to our lineup here at Hawaiian South Shore.

Built with the traditional noserider in mind, these boards blend proven shapes from the ’60s with modern twists that open up a whole new world of potential on the nose. These boards are an updated take on the boards that CJ grew up surfing, his dad’s vintage logs that taught him the values of style and glide. Leading the logging revolution in the Pleasure Point area, a region that is known for drugs and hard living, CJ is now a vocal advocate of meditation, mindfulness, and a healthy diet. He also maintains a home in Mexico, where he regularly logs some of the best world’s best point breaks.

The CJ models that we carry feature proven shapes blended with top-quality glassing to make them the obvious go-to log for anyone serious about noseriding. But the boards also have versatility built into them so that they can do more than simply go straight. They aren’t high-performance longboards, but they can be turned and nose-ridden with equal comfort, and are perfect for lined-up, hollow, waist- to chest-high point breaks. If you are looking to take your noseriding and traditional longboarding game to the next level, you would do well to learn from the best.

Watch CJ ride the nose, then pick up one of his boards and glean years of experience from him through the shapes that he has designed and chooses to ride. There is a reason that CJ is one of the best, and that shows through in his board choice as much as it does in the way he perches on the front 30 inches of his boards.

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