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Firewire Seaside and Beyond






Surf legend Rob Machado has stretched his classic Seaside fish design into the new Firewire Seaside and Beyond model. This 7'0" quad blends Machado's timeless style with Firewire's high-tech surfboard construction.

Influenced by Skip Frye's elongated fish shapes, the Seaside and Beyond paddles easily, glides through flat spots, and shreds turns in waves from ankle-high to overhead barrels. It's the ultimate versatile board for maximizing fun in all conditions.

The Firewire Seaside and Beyond leverages advanced EPS foam technology and a 3-stringer system to create a fast, lightweight and eco-friendly ride. Machado's vintage lines meet Firewire's modern performance for a hybrid board that's both retro and futuristic.

While it excels at high-lining, this quad fish can still be shredded with its precise maneuverability. The Seaside and Beyond stands apart from other mid-lengths as much more than just a trimmed-down glider.

Ride the waves with a mix of classic and new school flair on the Firewire Seaside and Beyond, Machado's latest creation that blends the best of the past and future.

$990.00 USD

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