Dan Mann Twice Baked Interview at Hawaiian South Shore

Dan Mann’s popular Baked Potato model is back and better than ever revamped as the Twice Baked, a more performance-oriented version of the classic surfboard. Dan recently stopped into the shop to chat with us about the Twice Baked, and explain how it differs from the original.

The biggest difference between the Twice Baked and the Baked Potato is obviously the new tail. Instead of a diamond tail on the Baked Potato, the Twice Baked has a clean, flat, abrupt squash tail. The nose is also a little more pulled in and thinner for performance, but the biggest difference is in the tail, which provides more release.

There is a double-barrel concave inside of a single concave, as with the Baked Potato, but the Twice Baked has a little bit of vee added through the tail. When combined with the wide squash tail, the vee provides for more through turns, but without sacrificing control. The double-barrel concave runs far up toward the nose of the surfboard, effectively dividing the surfboard's width to enable it to transition rail to rail easier, despite the fact that it is so wide and has so much volume.

The speed on the Twice Baked is nuts, and the fin cluster turns the surfboard well when the foot is back by the tail block. Like the Baked Potato, the Twice Baked comes in Timbertek construction, which holds this surfboard in the water a bit better than the other Firewire construction styles. In addition, it provides durability and maintains the classic Baked Potato aesthetic through the paulownia skin.

As far as fins go, you can get away with riding your favorite fins from your Baked Potato or maybe size up just slightly on your trailing fins to get a bit more control off that skatey, flat tail.

Overall, the Twice Baked is a slightly more refined, dynamic, squirty version of the Baked Potato—a surfboard that allows you grovel without sacrificing performance. 

Surfboard Shaper and Innovator Dan Mann had some interesting things to say about Twice Baked!

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