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The HIHP is the board Harley won both of his world titles on and is a full-on performance longboard tweaked for high-end shredding. Continual rocker allows the HIHP to fit seamlessly in hollow waves and be adjusted from anywhere on the board, while a progressive rail and rocker combination facilitates both aggressive turns off the tail and extended noserides.

A flat bottom contour upfront supports tip time and superior planing tight in the curl, while a slight convex through the middle of the board allows the board to transition from rail to rail quickly and efficiently. A spiral vee with double concave gives way to a flat bottom through the tail, allowing for powerful turns off the back third of the board.

The HIHP is typically ridden as a 2+1, but quad boxes have also been added for larger, more powerful surf when conditions call for extended turns at speed. This is an all-around performance longboard designed for hollow waves and beach breaks, but capable of trimming its way down points as well.

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