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HwnSouthShore Pineapple Longboard Fins

HwnSouthShore Pineapple Longboard Fins

I’ve been down the rabbit hole recently when it comes to fin design for traditional longboards, particularly exploring the differences between pivot fins and rake-style fins. We have talked about this in depth in past blog and newsletter posts, but pivot fins have more of a straight upright, full template for stability while on the nose, while the rake-style fins still provide hold during noserides, but have a thinner, more flexible, drawn-back tip to allow for bigger turns and easier positioning. One thing I have been really interested in lately is the fact that pivot fins are actually foiled a bit thicker than other longboard fins, which intentionally slows the board down further to increase time in the pocket and extend noserides.

HwnSouthShore Pineapple Longboard Fins

Most surfboards are built to go as fast as possible, because normally speed equals performance. But with noseriders, you actually want the opposite—a board that slows down and doesn’t outrun the pocket. This is accomplished by reversing the rocker in the board (lots of tail rocker but very little nose rocker) and softening the rails so that the board sits lower in the water rather than planing over the surface, as well as thickening the foil on the traditional pivot fin.

Whether you are looking for a traditional noseriding experience or want to throw a couple of power turns into your next longboard session, we have spent the past few years developing a comprehensive quiver of longboard fins here at Hawaiian South Shore. And now that we have the shape of our fins dialed-in, we have started to play with the aesthetics of the fin embellishments too. To that end, we were super excited to receive our first shipment of a custom-designed, signature Hawaiian South Shore fin series with an exclusive pineapple print.

HwnSouthShore Pineapple Longboard Fins

Available in both pink striped and blue striped color patterns, the pineapple design comes on both our pivot fin and our rake-style longboard single fin. The rake-style fin is available in 7.5-inch, 8.0-inch, 8.5-inch, 9.0-inch, and 9.5-inch models. Meanwhile, the size range for the pivot fins includes 8.5-inch, 9.0-inch, 9.5-inch, and 10.0-inch models. While 8.5 inches is a bit smaller than most pivot fins, we wanted to include something that works well for female loggers and smaller male loggers who are super lightweight and don’t require as much stability in the tail, and who might also struggle to power a larger pivot fin through turns.

We are super excited about these new signature fins and are putting them on the shelves right now. Check them out!

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