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Joel Tudor MODEL T

Joel Tudor is one of the biggest names in modern logging—in fact, he’s largely responsible for the resurrection of traditional longboarding. Considering how much time he has spent no logs, Joel obviously knows a thing or two about how they should be shaped. He has started his own line of traditional longboards, and the Model T is one of the best. This board is shaped by Hank Byzak with input from Joel, and is based on the classic Nuuhiwa noserider of the 1960s

  • Won numerous longboard world titles as a grom
  • A true noserider, the board features ample tail kick and concave under the nose pinched rails and a bit of belly in the tail.
  • lighter weight construction with double 6 oz. glass on the deck and a single layer of 6 oz. on the bottom, providing a bit more maneuverability in the added power of Hawaii’s waves.

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