Kai Sallas The Camper Surfboards

Kai’s Camper model is built to be ridden on the nose. It has a wide template and a particularly wide nose to support tip time, with concave running through the entire bottom for direction control and speed. A single concave up front blends into a double concave through the rear of the board, and eventually a slight vee out the square tail for responsive turning from the rear of the board. But the camper isn’t just a dedicated log. It is also infinitely shreddable, from knee-high to triple overhead. In fact, Kai has ridden his at one-foot Queens and eight-foot Lanikea, proving just how versatile the board really is.

The Camper Surfboards come in two sizes—a 9'1" x 23" x 2 5/8" and a 9'5" for bigger guys, or those who want to use it as a noserider. Kai tends to use the larger model as a single fin when the waves are small and he wants to do traditional longboarding, whereas he likes the 9'1" as a 2+1 when the wave are pumping and he’s looking to shred. He normally uses a 7-inch middle fin with Accelerators for side fins.

Exclusive Interview with Longboarding Champion Kai Sallas About His Camper Model Surfboard.


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