What are the NVS Fins? 

G10 Fiberglass: APEX Series fins are made with high strength fiberglass called G10 which is made by compressing layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin. We machine foil each fin to ensure the highest performance of any fin available, regardless of the materials used. These are stronger, thinner, lighter, and sexier. most similar feel to glass on fins.
Series III Foiling:  SeriesIII ​foiled ​​fins allow for ​the more effortless acceleration down the line which means you'll be working less to build up speed, and having more fun wiping the more easily accessed velocity off. This leads to more powerful, accentuated maneuvers across the board.

Machined, not molded:  By machining the fins we make sure the highly specific foils we designed are as accurate as possible.

"We designed the Apex fins to be the best fins available." -NVS


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