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Free shipping on most accessories and apparels!

Taylor Jensen Surfboards

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Join the ranks of surfing champion Taylor Jensen with his signature models, the TJ PRO,TJ PRO V, THE GEM, SPECIAL T. Taylor Jensen has won three longboard world championships, and he credits his success to the performance and design of the TJ Pro, shaped by Dan Mann.
  • The Taylor Jensen boards are available in two stunning finishes: Firewire Timbertek and Thunderbolt Black (carbon fiber) and Red (Xeon fiberglass). Its high-performance design will take your longboarding skills to new heights.

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  • FIREWIRE (5)
  • SPECIAL T (1)
  • THE GEM (2)
  • TJ PRO (2)
  • 51L - 55L (1)
  • 56L - 60L (2)
  • 61L - 65L (2)
  • 66L - 70L (2)
  • 71L - 75L (1)
  • 76L - 80L (2)
  • 8'0" - 8'11" (2)
  • 9'0" - 9'11" (5)