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Harley Ingleby MOE MINI 5 Fin(6'6-6'10) FCS2 Thunderbolt Black Full Carbon

$1,160.00 USD

Harley Ingleby MOE MINI


Model: MOE MINI 

Fins: 5 Fin


Available Sizes:

6'6 X 21 1/2 X 2 5/8 V41

6'10 X 21 1/2 X 2 3/4 V45



hARLEY iNlgeby MOE Surfboard Reviews



The Harley Ingleby Moe Mini, a versatile and high-performance surfboard designed for small to head-high waves. This innovative board offers excellent stability, good paddling, and easy rideability, making it an ideal choice for surfers transitioning from a soft top to a more intermediate board.

Crafted by Harley Ingleby and part of the Thunderbolt 2024 lineup, the Moe Mini is inspired by the success of the MOE mid-length range, which became a bestseller for Hawaiian South Shore in 2022 and 2023. The Moe Mini is available in two constructions: Thunderbolt Red and Thunderbolt Black, offering a balance between traditional build and advanced performance.

Key features of the Moe Mini include:

  • Versatility: The Moe Mini is suitable for a wide range of wave conditions, from knee-high to double overhead solid waves, providing a fun and enjoyable ride.
  • Design: The board's unique design allows for seamless rail transitions and tight radius turns on the open face, thanks to its pulled-in outline and shifted volume under the chest, making it more curvy and responsive than the regular MOE boards.
  • Construction: The Thunderbolt Red construction offers a blend of fiberglass and epoxy for a lightweight board with robust durability, while the Thunderbolt Black construction is ideal for aggressive riding in competition and seamless, vertical movements in large waves.
  • Fins: The Moe Mini is compatible with FCS fins, allowing for easy customization and a wide range of fin options, enabling surfers to choose the best setup for their riding style and wave conditions.

The Moe Mini is available in two new sizes: 6'6" in 41L and 6'10" in 45L, catering to a wider range of surfers. Additionally, the board is available in two colors: Candy White in Thunderbolt Red Construction and Grey Carbon for Thunderbolt Black Construction.

Upgrade your surfing experience with the Harley Ingleby Moe Mini, a high-performance, versatile, and easy-to-ride surfboard that's perfect for small to head-high waves. Don't miss out on this exciting addition to the Thunderbolt lineup!

Check out the Moe Mini Blog to learn more!

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