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LOST DRIVER 3.0 (6'3) ROUND TAIL FCS II Lightspeed White

$1,150.00 USD $855.00 USD

The LOST DRIVER 3.0 Round Surfboards







The DRIVER3.0 is the latest iteration of the Pro-formance Shortboard, developed through three years of subtle, consistent fine-tuning with elite level team riders. It represents the methodical advancements and evolution of the Driver2.0, becoming a completely different model.

Note: SAND THROUGH SPOTS (please check the photos)

Key Features

  • Slightly more tail rocker and deeper double to single concave through the rear half
  • Scooped out deck line in the tail with lower, boxy rails
  • More concave for lift and rail line rocker
  • Narrower hip between the feet for added grip and stability
  • Round tail with confidence-inspiring pull-in
  • Wider forward outline and volume in the forward foil for glide and responsive drive
  • Thicker along the stringer line for paddle power and drive, with a higher angle "Vee" deck for reduced volume and forgiving rails


  • Improved tail rocker and concave for lift and curve
  • Enhanced grip and stability with a narrower hip
  • Seamless water entry with scooped out deck and lower rails
  • Confidence-inspiring round tail with pull-in
  • Increased glide and responsive drive with wider forward outline and volume
  • Balanced design with added thickness and higher angle "Vee" deck for paddle power and drive, while maintaining forgiveness

The DRIVER3.0 has been tested and refined by top tier surfers, including Griffin Colapinto, who achieved two WCT victories in Portugal and El Salvador, and Kolohe Andino, Yago Dora, and Ian Crane. The board has been praised by all team members for its performance and versatility, making it suitable for high-level Pro-formance surfing and everyday surfers alike.

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