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Firewire FRK 5'11 Five Fin FCS II Ibolic Solid Grey


Brand: Firewire
Model: FRK
Fins: FCS II
Construction: IBOLIC

Designed by Dan Mann for Kelly Slater, the Firewire FRK is a high-performance shortboard built for critical waves. Ideal for 2-6' surf, it excels in punchy, bowly conditions.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Shortboard Outline: Medium entry and exit rocker
  • Performance Rails: Medium to low rails for enhanced control
  • Double Concave Bottom: Increases speed and drive
  • Tail Template: Optimized for quick direction changes
  • Fin Setup: Best paired with Kelly's KS1 fin template


  • Superior Wave Performance: Excels in critical waves up to 6 feet
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: Quick, responsive turns and smooth transitions
  • Speed and Drive: Effortless acceleration and faster surfing
  • Versatility: Performs well in a range of conditions, from average to epic surf
  • Professional-Grade Design: Created with input from Kelly Slater
  • Intuitive Feel: Immediate connection between surfer and wave

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$1,050.00 USD

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