When you consider how good of a shaper Billy Tolhurst is, and how good of a surfer Harley Ingleby is, it’s no surprise that the two have been collaborating for more than 20 years. 

But Tolhurst’s career started long before he started building boards for the two-time world champion. Tolhurst scraped his first board out of a slab of timber back in 1964, and since then has led the progression of Australian shaping through various eras, including the shortboard revolution, the transition to polyurethane foam and fiberglass, and eventually the progression to high-tech epoxies and carbon fiber.

When Tolhurst teamed up with local rider Ingleby a little over two decades ago, he never could have known where the collaboration would take them. Both surfers hail from the Coffs Harbour region of New South Wales, and both share a distinct interest in longboards. Tolhurst had been shaping them since the beginning, and gained a renewed respect for longer shapes after injuring his shoulder in the 1970s. Meanwhile, Ingleby was a standout on all types of boards, but decided to focus on high-performance longboarding, and has grown to be one of the most successful Australian competitors of the past 10 years. 

Working together, Tolhurst and Ingleby have taken a number of Tolhurst’s proven designs and tweaked them to create a signature line of longboards and mid-lengths. Utilizing Carve Sports’ Thunderbolt/epoxy matrix technology, Tolhurst has developed a quiver of the most high-tech and high-performance longboards available today, designed to handle everything from draining overhead barrels to rippable performance waves to small, lined up points perfect for noseriding. Whether you are a two-time world champ, two-time Australian champ, and multiple medalist at the World Surfing Games like Harley Ingleby, or a recreational surfer looking to improve his game, Billy Tolhurst’s boards are the answer.

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