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Hayden Shapes Plunder 5'10"
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Hayden Shapes Plunder 5'10"

  • $910.00

Brand: Hayden Shapes

Model: Plunder

Size: 5'10" x 20" x 2 5/8" 

Volume: 34.68L

Construction: Future Flex

Foam: Marko Foam EPS

Made in Australia


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    15.0000 lbs
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The Plunder is a small wave fun board you ride with style. The fin configurations makes it fun. Ride it Single with a large 8.5” or larger fin, 2+1 for the longboard feel and Quad for speed down the line.

The wide nose makes it easy to catch waves on those mushy days. Don’t let this chunky looking for fool you, it still performs to make a head high day super fun. Don’t get a typical funboard get a Plunder for more performance with funboard floatation.


Use this chart below to figure out your volume, if you need more info just click on it and  you go to another page that explains in detail how to use the chart


The video beliw is Hayden explaining the board


Below is video of team riders having fun on the board

The video below - Hayden explains the Future Flex and Marko Foam 

FutureFlex Surfboard Technology (Patented) Designed by Hayden Cox (video transcribed) - FutureFlex is a completely customizable surfboard construction that I designed in 2007. It's built out of a high density, EPS foam core, with a parabolic carbon fiber frame, and an epoxy Quad Axial laminate. 

The parabolic carbon fiber frame reduces a flex pattern that has a very high energy, rapid spring back, resulting in the ultimate speed and drive. It's the type of board under your feet that's going to feel very lively, and reacts to your surfing extremely quickly. 

Using the uni directional carbon fiber along the rail of your board helps control the rail line flex. With a traditional stringer board, the board will flex and rotate and twist around the center stringer. 

When you're surfing, you're surfing on the rail of your board. So having a uni directional carbon positioned along the rail line of your board, is going to result in less flex of the rail line, as well as the fastest return to it's original shape, when you go through a bottom turn or a top turn. This results in the faster feeling in the FutureFlex construction. 

Another key feature of the FutureFlex construction is the Quad axial laminate. The Quad Axial laminate is where the E-glass fibers go in a 0, 90 and 45 degree direction. This connects the 2 sides of the carbon fiber frame together. Having the Quad Axial laminate minimizes the twisting of the board, and allows the carbon fiber frame to do most of the work in terms of flex. 

Using the most advanced epoxy resins, we're able to achieve a bright white, ultralight lamination for the most high performance fuel under your feet. When talking about durability with FutureFlex, the epoxy resin and carbon fiber frame is going to allow your flex pattern of your board and last 2 to 3 times longer than a traditional 4 ounce polyester board (regular fiberglass board).

Benefit of this is that the flex pattern in your board is going to feel like new for a lot longer than before. The key benefits of the FutureFlex construction are firstly - it's a lightweight epoxy lamination that is very similar in weight to a standard PU board. Although it has strength of the standard weight lamination. 

The second is the flex. The flex is the most lively flex in the market, and a response to your surfing could be more speed and drive. And thirdly, the materials in the construction will keep your board feeling new a lot longer. 

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  • Model
  • Board Size
    5'0" - 5'11"
  • Brands
    Hayden Shapes
  • Volume
    30 - 35