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Harley Ingleby Moe Surfboard Review by Greg

Moe Surfboard ReviewHarley Ingleby Moe Surfboard Review

Greg recently got the 7'4" Harley Ingleby Moe model board and has been riding it a ton over the last month. As an intermediate surfer, it has given him a big boost in wave catching confidence and control. With the Moe, Greg feels way more comfortable surfing overhead waves compared to his previous longboard. He has more maneuverability to go right or left and can stay high on the wave instead of just dropping straight down the face.

Greg has it set up with a quad fin configuration, which he's never used before but loves how it feels. He has way more control compared to his shortboard above waist high surf. The paddling power allows him to still catch waves easily. He's taken the Moe out at spots like Cloud break when it was big. It performed great, where he usually only rides longboards. At smaller Diamond Head, he can turn more easily than his longboard. The quad fins make going left a breeze.

In both small and big surf, Greg feels the Moe gives him the benefits of a longboard with increased rippability. The volume compared to his 9 foot longboard allows for more maneuverability. He only pearled once on a late takeoff. Overall, the Moe has been Greg's go-to board this summer. As an intermediate surfer at 165 pounds, it provides a perfect blend of glide, wave catching, and performance. He's gained confidence in bumpy surf and has more control while still having plenty of fun.


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