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Hey HSS, 

Mahalo for the hand written thank you card, never got that after a purchase. My experience with HSS has been great.

--Dwight W. 





Thanks heaps you guys, I love the board and what it stand for “ecofriendly.” Non petroleum based bio-plastics, no toxic clear coats. No sonding, no waste, off the grid warehouse. I couldn’t be happier with the feel-good factor of conscientious purchase power. Not to mention the board surfs great! Taken it up to the north shore on several occasions. She goes, lets find out how she handles Puerto Escondido for 3 months! Aloha

--Nico C.

Its really fun from knee to head high waves. So far I like it best as 2+1, but haven’t  run it as as single fin yet. It’s really fast, and possibly the closest I’ve gotten to a 1 board quiver, at least for 90% of my day to day waves here in town. 

It’s the perfect daily drive to keep in the car for the post-work rinse off sessions.

Mahalo to HSS for the awesome staff & suggestions. --Glenn K


Love the board - but couldn’t get rail fins into their boxes. Brought [it] back and HSS swapped it out for a new board. Then they waxed it up and gave me a steep discount on new gear I was buying. I love you guys - Thanks so much --Diego and Susan


Howzit Dave, …ok first of all this board was calling out to me from the rack (lol) as I made my way towards it. I felt a good vibe once I laid my hands on her and was checking out the lines and shapes. I am SOOO STOKED with my NEW Board and am lov’n it every day. All da Boyz want to know where I got it from and I tell ‘um from “HSS” go see Dave and his outstanding friendly knowledgable staff. 

P.S. Mahalo for the gift card

Aloha D

One of the best longboards I’ve ever owned! 

Peformed just as promised. Telling everyone to buy one. 

Mahalo to HSS for bringing in such a great board!

Thanks Kyle and Kelly --Manny M.   




Customer Review on Sci-Fi 2.0 Hawaiian South Shore 

Thanks David & Brett! Have had it out in shoulder high to a bit overhead and it is a ton of fun. I almost feel like I should come back and give you guys some more money!

- Tim McGhee



  I've had my eye on htis board for a while.  Two of my friends also have a 10' Classic and I found myself always asking to switch boards with them whenever I saw then in the lineup.  So when I saw the Intragram post on this new Classic they go in that was all white with carbon fiber rails, I knew that it was calling me.  The board is so much fun! It  is my new go to board.  It paddles like butter, getting me on the wave way before anyone else which is a bonus in crowded town line ups.  Even thought it's so big I can still form turns in critical sections of the wave and hold long noserides in the pocket.  I've never had so many people come up to me inquiring about what I was riding.  --Talia


CJ NELSON SURFBOARD COLAPINTAIL   9'3 CJ Nelson Colapintail - Walked into HSS looking at the CJ Nelson Guerrero but ended up walking out with a Colapintail.  The color and lines of the board instantly caught y eye.  Do I like the board? Absolutely love it!  I took her out to Pops & Threes on a waist high and above day.  The board performed matched with a CJ Nelson Powerflex fin. Nice and easy on the bottom turn and it loves to surf up and dow tne wave face.  The board also nose rides like a champ!!  This will be my go to board on larger days!  Thank you Dave and Brett!  HSS is my go to Surf Boutique on island! --CJ
CJ NELSON OUTLIER 7'6 - RED XEON  Mahalo to David & the Hawaiian South Shore crew!! You guys helped me choose an awesome CJ Nelson longboard and provided incredible service to me! --Mitch

I first picked up a 10' CJ Nelson Classic.  The board took a little getting use to it being that it has 50/50 rails on it.  Now I have a blast surfing "retro" with it.  The second board I picked up was a 9'11" Guerrero.  The first time I used it, right of the bat, I was stoked on it!

The staff was pleasant, No pressure at all! Buying boards from Hawaiian South Shore was an awesome and guilt free experience.  --Glenn 


Customer Review on Ben Skinner Surfboard Hawaiian South Shore

The 9’1” Ben Skinner (Thunderbolt Technologies) Smoothie was the board that caught my eye. This carbon fiber board is narrower, thinner, and way lighter than the other longboards that I own. 

I had some serious doubts and reservations about buying this board. Could an old man like me ride something like this? Well, I surfed two different waves that happened to have some size… Diamond Head and Pops. 

I was ecstatically blown away by the board’s speed, maneuverability, and handling capability. It was like riding a hybrid longboard/shortboard. I never knew that I could move like that on a wave. 

Thank you David for helping me choose this amazing board. --Gary


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