JS Industries HYFY Psycho Nitro 5'9"
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JS Industries HYFY Psycho Nitro 5'9"

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The popular Psycho Nitro HYFI!
SUMMER SERIES  favorite.

 BRAND:  JS Industries
 CONSTRUCTION:  Hybrid Fiber Diamond (or HYFI)
 SIZE:  5'9" x 20 1/2" x 2 5/8"
 VOLUME:  33.9 L

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When you need to maintain speed and drive through soft, flat sections, you want the ultimate groveler under your feet—and the Psycho Nitro is exactly that. With a wide nose, lots of foam in the front third of the board, and flat rocker throughout, this board paddles fast and rides faster, making it a go-to model for summertime surf. This year’s version of the Psycho Nitro features a slightly pulled in swallow tail, complemented by five fin boxes to give the option between a thruster and quad setup. Enhanced by the added flex and pop of JS’s signature HYFI construction materials, this board is a light, fast, groveling machine—the ultimate answer to the small-wave sads.



Jason Stevenson and his JS label (famous for the tractor logo) have been producing some of the most high-performance surfboards on the planet for more than two decades. No one questions the design elements of these boards, and a number of guys on the world tour ride them, including Julian Wilson, Owen Wright, Adrian “Ace” Buchan and Joel Parkinson. But what many people don’t realize is that the technology that goes into the construction of the boards is just as cutting edge as their design.

JS offers their range of boards in the HYFI construction, which is a hybrid fiber technology. The product of two years of research and development, HYFI is the latest and greatest in surfboard construction advances, producing light, strong, fast surfboards that are more durable than polyurethane boards, but ride just as well. The flex out of the tail adds more drive and projection, the boards are 20% lighter than PU boards (making them faster and more maneuverable), and they simply don’t ding as easily as normal glassed PU boards. The result is the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio, applied to some of the best designs in the surfboard industry. In other words, the perfect board.

JS offers a number of popular models in the HYFI construction, including the Monsta 6, the Air 17, the Monsta Box, the Blak Box II, the Ghetto Cat, the Psycho Nitro and the Flying Pony. Here at Hawaiian South Shore, we are excited to carry a number of JS’s HYFI boards. Come check them out—I’ve already added one to my personal quiver!

  • Model
    HYFY Psycho Nitro
  • Board Size
    5'0" - 5'11"
  • Brands
    JS Industries
  • Volume
    30 - 35