JS Industries HYFI Monsta Box Squash 6'6"
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JS Industries HYFI Monsta Box Squash 6'6"

  • Coming soon
Expected on Dec 20, 2017
  • $865.00

The global favorite: Monsta Box!
A careful hybrid between the  MONSTA 6  and the  BLAK BOX 2 .

 BRAND:  JS Industries
 CONSTRUCTION:  Hybrid Fiber Diamond (or HYFI)
 SIZE:  6'6" x 21 1/4" x 2 7/8"
 VOLUME:  42.1 L

  • Weight
    15.0000 lbs
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One of our most well received hybrid models ever, the Monsta Box is a blend of our two global favourites – the Monsta 6 and Blak Box 2. The result is an outline that hides a surprising amount of area for ease of paddling and generating speed, yet maintains a responsive, high performance feel thanks to its perfectly balanced entry and exit rockers. 
With a lot of the most fun R&D you could imagine under the team’s belt, from Hawaii to the Gold Coast, Mikey summed-up the HYFI Monsta Box perfectly: “On smaller days I hardly ever veer away from surfing it – even if the waves suck it hasn't let me down and in better surf or contests it still has that spark you need to go as hard as you want.”




 FASTER.  More spring. More speed. More acceleration. As soon as he jumped on his first HYFI, Dusty was already raving about it, especially after scoring a near-perfect ride at Snapper on one in his very first CT heat of the year:

“The projection you get from all the spring that it holds is incomparable. You can’t really match it with any other board! It’s easily up there with the most fun equipment I’ve ever ridden.” Here’s more from Dusty: “At the start I was flying into the lip a lot quicker than I expected, but once I had that worked out, it was a massive bonus!

You can look at places on the wave 2 that you wouldn’t have imagined getting to before. With these boards and the projection they provide off the bottom, I was flying through sections that I didn’t think I could make.”

 STRONGER.  HYFI has been pushed to its absolute limits, from giant airs in average waves to serious beatings in heavy water.

After our extensive series of tests we know it’s stronger than standard PU construction. But somehow, even the most impressive numbers don’t quite explain how a surfboard can survive being treated like it was by our team throughout the entire R&D process.

 LIGHTER.  20% lighter than standard PU construction, HYFI has been perfected at TEAM WEIGHT. We weigh every single board, and the consistency is there for you to be confident that your new HYFI will be the exact same weight as whatever high-performance prototype is being ridden by Joel or Julian at the time.

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  • Model
    HYFI Monsta Box Squash
  • Brands
    JS Industries
  • Volume
    40 - 45