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Lost Libtech Puddle Jumper 5’9”
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Lost Libtech Puddle Jumper 5’9”

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Brand: Libtech and Lost Collaboration

Model: Puddle Jumper

Size: 5’9” x 21.5" x 2.63"

Volume: 37.65 cl

Fin System: FCSI and FCSII (fins are not included)

Construction:  The new Lib Tech MBC construction perfectly blends the best characteristics of epoxy: durability and liveliness with the best performance characteristics of polyester: flex and dampness. The addition of magnesium fiber improves our overall impact resistance, and the carbon composite stringer exactly matches the flex of a new high performance polyester and holds it for the life of the board. The world’s best surfboard construction just got even better!

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  • Weight
    15.0000 lbs
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The Libtech and Lost Surfboard collaboration boards. Proven shapes by world renown Matt Biolos one of the top shapers and currently has more team riders on the professional tour than any other shaper in the world.

The Puddle jumper is the very first board Lost made with Libtech. It’s been the #1 selling model since 2015. Catches waves like a fish, but surfs like a performance shortboard. You can take off steep and go vertical 90 up the face and turn it hard off the top. It has a wide tail but the v through the bottom holds like a pulled in tail, so you can surf this aggressively.

When you surf this, you’ll almost forget you are riding a fat stubby board. It will surf in knee high and handle 8’ faces. We have several customers that surf this country, and let me tell you— it handles solid overhead waves and fits into the barrel no problem.

It does not feel like a bulky board like most you’ve ridden. Matt has been building these wide nose boards since the last 80’s. Back then, it was NOT cool to be riding these things. However, Matt knew these boards were the best for those who just wanted to get out there and enjoy th surf. In that way, you can say he had built and designed these boards, not just for profesional surfers, but for your averae everyday surfer.

He knew the value of simply enjoying your ride, and he implemented this well into the "lost" surfboards you see today.

The Puddle Jumper comes in 7 sizes. From 5’1" - 6’1". If you click here, we have a list of the boards with dimension and volume. Use the Volume chart to figure out what size you need. Getting one a little larger or more volume than you normally ride is okay. These things surf well and offer a lot of flexibility. Plus, with the new fins boxes that fit both FCSI and FCSII finding the right fin to make the board work is a non-issue.

For small days, if you want a Thruster, we recommend the MR Fins for speed and loose turning. If you like Quads for the pure speed, the Matt Biolos Keel Quad is a good choice. For waves that are over head the Al Merrick or Simon Fins are a good choice.

If you need help don't be shy, contact us by clicking this link over here, or hitting the chat button on the bottom right corner. When you do e-mail or message us, the best thing to do it give us your height, weight, how often you surf and how long you been surfing. Then we can totally help get you dialed in.

Thanks for checking out this Lost Puddle Jumper page, it’s been our #1 Selling model since September of 2015. Personally, we have tested this board on small town waves to bigger country ones, and we will say without a doubt: it works. Plus with the Libtech strength, it’s a board that is incredibly hard to ding. And... well, even if you do, the inside foam is 100% waterproof. It’s easy to repair if you need to.


Want to learn more about the board? We have some informative videos below. The first is by Matt Biolos himself and he gets very detailed. Very helpful!

 If you'd like to know more about the board strength and composition, the Shred Show also does an excellent job of highlighting these points for the boards.


STOCK NOTE: We're constantly getting Libtech boards in but sell out of them pretty fast. If we are out of a particular model and size you want, just contact us to place an order. We require a $200 deposit, when it comes in you pay the balance. We can send an invoice via paypal. When you pay for the deposit you do NOT need a paypal account you can use your credit card like a normal on line transaction and it's secure via Paypal or you can call us at 808-597-9055 to do a phone order. If you are coming in from another country and want a board when you land you can reserve with a deposit and pay the balance when you pick up. 

  • Model
    Puddle Jumper
  • Board Size
    5'0" - 5'11"
  • Brands
    Lost Surfboards, Libtech
  • Volume
    36 - 40
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