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Lost V3 Stealth 5'10" Carbon Wrap
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Lost V3 Stealth 5'10" Carbon Wrap

  • $930.00

Brand: Lost Surfboard

Model: V3 Stealth 


Size: 5'10" x 19.5" x 2.4"

Volume: 30

Fins system: FUTURES 5 fin (Fin NOT included)

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    15.0000 lbs
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LUKE DAVIS | V3 ROCKET | CARBON WRAP from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo.

…LOST V-3 Stealth

The V-3 Stealth has been a long time in the making. It started with the V-3 Rocket, which was a favorite amongst ...Lost fans, with its fast, full template and user-friendly rails. But team riders began asking …Lost to combine the V-3 Rocket with a more traditional high-performance nose, and that led to the development of the V3 Stealth. The “stealth” aspect of the board is that the foam and float of a hybrid board is being hidden in the template of a standard high-performance shortboard, giving riders the best of both worlds. The V3 Stealth adds length and rocker to the nose of the V3 Rocket, while giving the tail a more radical Rocket diamond and deeper fluted wings. This reduces rail volume and helps the rail permeate the water, leading to more sensitive carving. 

The board’s bottom maintains the standard V3 relaxed rocker along the centerline, providing glide and speed down the line. This is combined with a solid level of concave for lift and sensitivity off the back foot. Ultimately, you are looking at a fast, loose hybrid/performance shortboard that excels in sub-par flat-faced conditions, but can still be surfed tight in the pocket. The V-3 Stealth is typically ridden two to three inches longer than the standard V-3 Rocket. Custom R-4 (Radiator-4) channels can be added for more drive and radical turning in small surf. The center channels are toed in rather than parallel, providing better control and speed when used with a quad setup, meaning the V-3 Stealth can be customized to your personal preferences. This model is available stock from 5'2" to 6'6", and with domesticated dimensions from 5'6" to 6'6" for bigger surfers or those who want to ride the board shorter.

…LOST Carbon Wrap Technology

…LOST surfboards have long been at the forefront of progress, but now they have taken an even bigger step into the future. The carbon wrap technology available on most boards is a patented surfboard technology that improves flex and performance, making boards snappier and more responsive. The idea originated with Gold Coast designer Dan MacDonald, and leads to lightweight boards that don’t sacrifice strength. It eliminates the need for a wooden stringer, and leads to advanced flex characteristics that make the board feel more alive. The carbon wraps from the bottom, along the rails onto the deck, and creates a rear foot power point. The carbon strips are strategically placed for optimum strength and drive, but avoid crossing the deck under the front foot, thereby allowing the deck to cave slightly and provide that familiar front foot indention. Because the carbon is tapered into long, narrow ends, the flex bends out naturally towards the tail and the nose, giving the board more snap.

Flex has always been the holy grail of surfboards, and figuring out how to configure it properly is the difference between a magic board and a normal one. …Lost has cracked the code with its carbon wrap technology, so there is no reason why your next board—and every board—can’t be magic.


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  • Model
    V3 Stealth
  • Board Size
    5'10" x 19.5" x 2.4"
  • Brands
    Lost Surfboards
  • Volume