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Thank you all for your reviews!


Hey HSS,

Mahalo for the handwritten thank you card. Never got that after a purchase. My experience with HSS has been great. I did a lot of research before my purchase but hearing wide perspective from the braddahs at HSS really assured me I wasn’t making a bad choice. 

Since then I’ve ridden my Lib Tech Pick Up Stick in a wide range of waves. From knee high to over head to barreling Crouching Lion and I’ve been enjoying it all. It has smooth lines with ability to turn in the pocket. I wanted a mid sized board that could perform like … board. That’s what I got just an all around fun board. Lib Tech Pick Up Stick did it for me. --Anonymous


I’ve been buying board from Dave at HSS for a long time now. I choose to get my boards from him because of the quality of boards he brings in and I’m thoroughly enjoying my new JS Monsta box as well as my new Lost Puddle Fish. Mahalo to Dave and his awesome staff! --Thanks, Scott

Loving it! Thanks so much for the great advice and feedback. The Puddle Jumper with the Lib Tech construction surfs great and I know will last for years. I plan of making it a staple of my travel quiver, and using it at home on small days. Aloha and Mahalo. --Dan

I’ve ridden the 5’11” PJ [Puddle Jumper] five time in waist to head high conditions at Canoes and White Plains. I’m 5’10”, 175lbs and it’s the best board for these types of waves for me. I’ve only had it as a quad setup but it’s fast and maintains speed. I can get into waves earlier than my 6’2” Sharp Eye because of the thickness. I definitely recommend this board because it catches waves like a fun board or fish but turns like a shortboard. --Rob H.

My favorite board ever! Thank you for turning me on to it. My next board will be another Puddle Fish unless you introduce me to another board.  --Alex K.

5’4 Lost Puddle Fish

I Love this board!! I was looking for a small wave board that could be surfed in a high-performance way and this has gone above and beyond all my expectations. Put a quad set of Future Bamboo Controllers in and go shred anything from waist high Bowls to 2-4ft Country. It’s fast, really fast, and just pours through mushy fat sections. Put it on rail and it gives you confidence to knife through turns, even on some steeper and bigger surf. A++! --Will W.

I got the 6’1” Lost Puddle Jumper Lib Tech. Demo[ed] the 5’11” but decided with the 6’1”. The board works really good. Lib tech Construction is super strong. When I bought the board and loading it in the bed of my truck, I hit the street sign with the nose. I was sure I damaged it, but nothing. Not even a scratch. This board should last a long time. The staff at HSS is always super fun and cool to talk to. Also where else can you demo a board before you buy one. Thanks again.  --Brad O.


Thanks Hawaiian South Shore for carrying awesome boards, speedy delivery and nothing but good vibes from the moment I walked through the door. All smiles while surfing my Puddle Jumper.  --Daniel K.

I purchased the Lost Lib Tech Puddle Fish. I have surfed it a total of 5 times now in conditions from knee high to shoulder high waves. This board has performed great. The board is very well balanced and generates good speed between sections and is very responsive rail to rail. --John K.

Really great service, great products. Thanks Brett for helping me find the perfect board, been having a lot of fun on it. --Nathan K. (5’9 Lost Lib Tech Puddle Jumper)

Aloha HSS,

Super stoked to have ordered the Catch Surf 5’5” RNF on a Friday and get it here on Kauai the following Monday. I haven’t ridden it yet so the review on it will be later on FB. Also, the Vissla Front Zip Vest fits perfect, always need a new leash. Free T-Shirt and board wax are all awesome. The south swell here on Kauai has been fun and playful and I’ve hit it with the Lib Tech 5’8” Puddle Fish I got from you guys. 

HSS has been because my one-stop shop. For boards and gear when I do a trip to Oahu. Keep up the positive vibe, super energy and stokeness! When you guys are ready to visit Kauai, I’d be glad to show you some Kauaian style surf and fun. Aloha ka kou.  --Sean

I saw the 5’5 Odysea x Lost RNF on your website. Clicked on the link and saw guys having fun on this little foamie board. I had to check it out. Went into the store and couldn’t resist picking one up. I was a little skeptical but once in the water I was sold. Easy to get into waves and turns like a skateboard. I’m not as young or talented as the guys on the clip but I really did have a blast with it!  --Kevin K.

First I’d like to thank both Brett and Dave for always making my visit to the shop a great one. Always friendly with smiles and pure stoke.

On to my RNF Retro. What can I say? One of the best purchase I made yet. Finally a fun size swell showed up this past weekend and got to really test it out. Overall awesome board, paddles great and super loose with a skatey feel. I’ll probably get one custom made with a little less volume. For now this'll be my go to for the whole summer.  --Kyle V.

The board Round Nose Fish Redux (Lost/Lib Tech) is amazing! Extremely versatile grovels great but also handles bigger/steeper waves well. Speeds up and slows down with just a little weight adjustment. Turns on a dime and makes unmake-able sections make-able. Couldn’t be happier with the board’s performance. I’ve surfed it about 10 times and not a ding or pressure and I sure primarily shallow reef breaks. Love it!!!  --John B.

Awesome surf shop!  Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who helped a ton finding the perfect board for my girlfriends bday present.  Great rental options as well. Highly recommend checking out with a great selection of clothes, boards and accessories!  Recently purchased the 5’5 lib tech puddle jumper and have no regrets.  Board rides like a charm and is the most durable board I’ve come across. 

Mahalo Hawaiian South Shore! - Clyde


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