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HawaiianSouthShore NAI'A Twin Fin FCS II Compatible Black Color

HSS Nai'a Twin Fins 

Nai’a means dolphin in Hawaiian, and the Nai’a twin will help you ride waves like the ocean’s smartest swimmer. Built for traditional twin fins, this keel-inspired twin fin set is more upright and traditional than many modern keels, with only a small amount of cutaway in the trailing edge. Stable and drivey, keel fins are the classic option for fishes due to their hold, speed, and trim. They lock the rail in place through big, swooping turns and support high-line face rides for traditionalists looking to tap into the feeling of the 1970. The G10 construction features fiberglass layups that are made by compressing layers of fiberglass and epoxy and baking them in an autoclave, which creates an extra strong, lightweight material that has advantageous flex characteristics and holds up well against reef and rocks. The Nai’a is available in one CHOOSE FIN SIZE, with either Future or FCS tabs.

  • - Upright Keel
  • - Pivot in tight radius turns
  • - Good for traditional fish 

Area: FCS: 22.99 square inch / Futures: 22.70 square inch
Height: 5.0 inch
Base: 6.12 inch
Foil: Flat SeriesIII

$90.00 USD $90.00 USD

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