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Free shipping on most accessories and apparels!

Carissa Moore Pro Surf Traction Pad

Experience the essence of Carissa Moore's island roots and competition-winning style with our specially designed three-piece traction pad. This pad is crafted to elevate your carving abilities, just like Carissa herself. Now available in two stunning colorways, it showcases Carissa's signature Hawaiian crest graphic, adding a touch of her unique personality to your surfboard.

As with all Dakine traction pads, we prioritize sustainability. Our Carissa Moore-inspired pad is made from biodegradable Friendly Foam, ensuring a minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, it is packaged without the use of plastic, demonstrating our commitment to reducing waste. The pad is securely attached using marine-grade 3M® adhesive, guaranteeing durability in even the most challenging surf conditions.


  • 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate


  • 11.25" x 10.75" (29 x 27 cm)


  • Dakine Friendly Foam biodegradable EVA foam
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Positraction grid pattern
  • Three piece pad
  • 7mm center arch
  • 25mm vert wedge tail kick with beveled edges
  • 3M® high grade adhesive
      $45.00 USD

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